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Who we are

The Buddhist Center is where the Triratna Buddhist Community meets in Valencia.

The Triratna Buddhist Order and Community, is a worldwide movement of people seeking to engage with the Buddha’s teachings. Living under the conditions of the modern world, it is neither a monastic nor a secular movement. We are simply Buddhists, at different levels of commitment and understanding. We adopt as best we can the ethical standards of the Dharma (the Buddha’s teaching) into our lives.

Triratna is a Sanskrit term that means ‘Three Jewels’. These refer to the Buddha, the Dharma, and Sangha (the community who follow the teachings), and was founded by Urgyen Sangharákshita. He considered that the defining act of a Buddhist is to go for refuge to these Three Jewels. This is the core principle or orientation of the Triratna Buddhist Community.

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