End of the year draw

Our first event is a raffle for a place in the end of the year retreat. The prize is for a place in this retreat in Suryavana, valued at €480. The theme of the retreat is ‘Padmasambhava and the 4 Tantric Rites of Inner and World Transformation’, and will run from December 26 until January 1.

The price of each ticket is € 10 and you can buy as many as you want. The lucky number will be the one that matches the last two figures of the national lottery draw on December 22. To acquire a ticket, click on the button and you can make your contribution through migranodearena. You must then send us an email with the proof of donation to: Once the email is received, we will assign you the number to participate in the raffle.

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Given these circumstances of closure of face-to-face activities, we have decided to start this open online meditation class to stay connected. It is not necessary to have experience in order to attend, just turn up (below you have the information on how to connect). This class is an online space to learn to meditate, doing so with others, be connected in these moments, and resolve any doubts or questions regarding meditation. No experience is necessary, and it’s suitable for everyone.


What will we do?

In this class we will address the following points:


What is meditation?




Explanation of the meditation practice that we are going to do together


A guided session



The class will last 1 hour

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