Our Goals

The Project

We are happy to inform you that we now have a new place where we can carry out our activities again. This is all thanks to a loan from the Windhorse Trust (UK) and other donations.

This is why the Uddiyana Project was born. It is a project that will help us boost our energies to be able to reopen the Centro Budista Triratna in Valencia.

The loan from the Windhorse Trust has helped us to purchase the premises. But we now have to carry out a whole series of renovations in order to open the doors of what will be our new home. We hope to take advantage of this precious opportunity to continue expanding Dharmic engagement here in Valencia.

The Buddha observed a world of interconnectedness and interdependence. It is from his experience where our practice starts. We hope that your contribution may come in the realization that we are indeed interconnected, and that if we want to transform our experience of the world, we need each other. Non-economic contributions are also welcome, as there are many ways to give. 

The Centro Budista Triratna de Valencia needs your help in many ways. We could even say that you are the Buddhist center, being part of the community that supports it by your practice, your inspiration, and by your love and generosity.

From your Dana we can all collaborate in this new chapter of the life of the Valencian Sangha. Whatever contribution—large or small—will help in the development of the Sangha for the benefit of all beings.

In the spirit of transparency we can inform you that:

We have managed to raise about €15,000 thanks to everyone’s generosity, yours included. With this we have been able to pay all the relevant taxes, advice, and notary fees. The second objective has been to get €55,000 in total for the renovation work. Unfortunately, it has been a lot more money than we initially expected, as law requires us to renovate bathrooms, install new ventilation, and soundproof walls and ceilings. At this point, we have raised around €24,000 of the amount, but we need to raise about €31,000 more by the end of the Summer. We would like to be able to open the doors of our new home in September 2021, and resume face-to-face activities at the new Buddhist Center of Valencia.

In this first phase the objective would be to refit the toilets, electricity, and reception. At a later stage, when the full target amount has been reached, the proposal is to re-distribute the space for there to be a separate study room in addition to the large meditation hall, fit out the rest of the center, pay for materials, and decoration, etc. So, we appeal to your generosity in order to create a beautiful place where we can continue to practice the Dharma together. 

We have created this website so that you can keep abreast of how the project is going as things progress. The Project Uddiyana Team intends to leave this as transparent as possible. You will also be able to get in touch with us here. Please help us in whatever way you feel most appropriate for you at this time, whether it be a financial contribution, your time, an activity, an idea, etc…

Join us!

Thank you in advance for your help, each contribution brings us closer to that re-connection that all in the Valencian Sangha are missing.

With Metta,

the Project Uddiyana Team.

This is the project that Frédéric Menalda has designed for us, a Mitra in the process of ordination. He currently lives in Guhyaloka. 

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