Mission and vision

Our Mission

Our objective is to provide a meeting place for everyone dedicated to the practice of the teachings of Buddhism. These teachings are based on compassion and wisdom, and are practiced for the benefit of all beings.

We aim to have a space to offer the Dharma, so that more and more people can engage in their practice in order to free themselves from suffering. We shall also offer courses in Buddhism, meditation, yoga, Tai Chi, and mindfulness practices.

Our vision

The Uddiyana Project was born with the purpose of raising funds for the renovation of what will be the new Triratna Buddhist Center in Valencia


The Uddiyana Project is inspired by the guidance and protection of Padmasambhava, the precious guru.

Padmasambhava is a figure that brings together many symbolic elements such as the Dakini’s trident, the golden earrings, a sun, and crescent moon. He represents many things: a precious guide that combines the masculine with the feminine, day with night etc. This is also what we want to offer to the city of Valencia: a place of practice where one may achieve integration of all their forces and energies, in pursuit of the liberation of suffering, a center for all, a space for connection, of beautiful and deep friendships, to find ourselves, a place where we practice compassion and wisdom through body, speech and mind, for the benefit of all beings, and a place of integration, a land of deep transformation, to go beyond gender, race, beyond all conditions, all duality, and all suffering.

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